The right of withdrawal, therefore, can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to a business. Excluded from the right of withdrawal also purchases made by retailers or
by those who in any way purchase for resale to third parties.

The consumer is entitled to cancel the contract within 15 working days from receipt of goods, returning the asset (intact in the conditions in which the received) the cancellation to the seller, who will reimburse the price of the goods returned.

The intention to return goods must be communicated sending a registered mail to:

Pelletteria Internazionale srl
via E. Fermi 12/14
24050 Grassobbio (BG)

or filling out this return form CLICK HERE.

After receiving the notice of withdrawal, PELLETTERIA INTERNAZIONALE SRL will contact the buyer to arrange the delivery within 48 working hours.

While there remains the right of withdrawal under the understanding that:

  1. the product must be complete in all its parts including the original packaging;
  2. the goods travel at the risk of the customer.

PELLETTERIA INTERNAZIONALE SRL will not be responsible for any damage, theft or loss occurring during and/or dependent on the shipping of the returned goods.

Transport costs for return of goods, not even following a withdrawal, shall be borne by the buyer.

PELLETTERIA INTERNAZIONALE SRL will verify that the products have been returned in the condition in which they were delivered, within the packaging in which the product was sent to the customer. The substantial integrity of returned products constitutes an essential requirement for the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

If there are damaged or missing parts PELLETTERIA INTERNAZIONALE SRL will withhold, as a contribution fee to restore the original packaging or product, a percentage up to 30% of the value of the product.

The right of withdrawal will not be applied when:

  • the original internal and/or external packaging is missing or damaged;
  • the product was not damaged during the shipping;
  • accessories and/or instructions and/or small parts of the products are missing or damaged.

If one of the above conditions will occurred, PELLETTERIA INTERNAZIONALE SRL will return the product to the customer, who will bear all the shipping costs.

Upon delivery of the goods, PELLETTERIA INTERNAZIONALE SRL will check the legitimacy of the return and after having checked the correctness of the operation, it will send a confirmation e-mail. The amount will be credited by bank transfer, it is up to the customer sending all the information to proceed (IBAN and addressee of the invoice).