Bank transfer

The bank trasfer must be made in 48 working hours from the order. If Pelletteria Internazionale srl does not receive the payment within the terms, the order will be canceled. The order is shipped after the receiving of the payment.

Pay to:

IBAN: IT86A0306911104100000005373
Bank: Intesa San Paolo
Branch – Bergamo 04

Description: order number + first and last name


Paypal credit card

Sending a payment through Paypal is sure and immediate and is made on the secure servers of Paypal.

Paypal, an Ebay group company, offers micro payments online through credit card system, acting as intermediary between the user and who receives the payment. With more than 100 million accounts all over the world, PayPal offers the security that all the credit card data of the user will not pass to the counterpart.

To pay with PayPal you just need to associate to your account a credit card Visa (or rechargeable prepaid), Visa Electron or Mastercard, or simply using your PayPal account balance. Registration is free and fast: you only need an email address, that will also be used to notify every transaction. For further information please visit “PayPal – Space Safety”.

You can pay with PayPal even without an account. They accept payments made with credit cards VISA, VISA ELECTRON, Mastercard, Paper Aura. To proceed to the payment with credit card without a PayPal account, select payment with PayPal Credit Card: you will be directed to the payment page on PayPal website, follow the link “Continue”.