The “Acqua di Perla” woman is a mature, free woman, aware of her own beauty, she loves to travel, to discover and to surround herself with beauty, without being overwhelmed. She loves to be in a important environments but she faces them with that lightness of an intelligent and aware woman without taking herself seriously. Our Woman is self-deprecating, emancipated, independent, she is not afraid to show herself, she does not like to flaunt and wants to keep her intimate side for herself. A real pearl.


The Acqua di Perla brand always synonymous with quality, innovative design, and originality is aimed at all contemporary women who are looking for an accessory of the highest quality, never banal. A contemporary, refined, versatile, original, timeless style.

Handcrafted design

Acqua di Perla bags follow the natural beauty of pearl, an element of inspiration for the brand, each bag is designed to convey a sense of pure beauty, difficult to find nowadays. But at the same time, the accessory is the best ally of the contemporary woman who wears it and it must make her feel beautiful. Here simplicity and refinement are combined with the glamour and trends of the moment, always following the Italian style in clothing and accessories.

360 ° communication

An ambitious project involving large investments in advertising and assuming that the brand will be the protagonist of the main fashion and trade magazines, and not just pages on social networks, it will be dynamic with a carefully selected and fashionable image. Collaborations with major Italian influencers are planned for the next few months to support commercial and sales strategy.